SMB Job Generation Outlook Survey

An innovative approach to traditional hiring and employment surveys, examining high-level perspectives on critical issues facing the American SMB marketplace.

About the Survey

The Lucas Group SMB Job Generation Outlook began in 2013 as the only national report defining the economic and employment landscape for small to mid-sized businesses. Four times each year, this graphical and fact-filled report presents a timely, in-depth analysis of data provided by hundreds of SMB executives across multiple industries. Baseline research conducted by Polaris Marketing Research elicits current views, factual employment activity and impending hiring plans as reported by SMB chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, presidents, and executive vice presidents. The report remains the only research and insightful analysis of small business trends and future hiring plans, with an implicit focus on how current economic, political and sociological influences, such as minimum wage, immigration reform, governmental impact, talent acquisition and more are impacting employment strategies.


Through a series of graphs and charts, the statistical relationship of trends in the small to mid-sized business market is illustrated, highlighting the contrast between business and politics.

SMBs are optimistic about their company’s job growth prospects next quarter
SMBs are optimistic about US job growth prospects next quarter
SMBs expect the Fed’s rate increase will be detrimental to their company
SMBs report the ACA has either no impact or a little/some impact on their business
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